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Why Worn-Out Tyres Are Dangerous For Driving?
about 2 years ago

As a motorist, do you wonder about the dangers possessed by your car tyres? Basically, we mean that your tyres may start wearing out after their lifespan is over. We all know that roads can be quite unpredictable when it comes to driving. The terrain can be rugged and full of kerbs at times.


On the other hand, some roads may be patchy or sandy. In such situations, your tyres may struggle to maintain a good grip. Water on the streets can be another big problem for your vehicles as the tyres need to be smart enough to dissipate the water quickly. So, you see, how much your tyres need to bear on the roads. It’s quite obvious that they cannot last forever. A day might arise when they won’t be fit to serve you any longer. Such tyres are worn-out and need to be replaced, else they can be really perilous for you.


If the APK Leeuwarden tyres are excessively worn-out, they become unfit for driving, even on smooth and plain roads. That’s what we are going to discuss here. This blog will tell you about the dangers of driving with such tyres.

How to identify worn-out tyres?


The tread of the tyres is very important. It consists of grooves and sipes on the surface of the tyres. Grooves are important as they help you control your car on wet and snowy surfaces. They provide grip and traction on the roads. Tyres tend to lose these grooves over a period of time. The minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm. If the tread of the tyres goes anywhere below this limit, it’s time to change your tyres.


You can determine your tyre’s tread depth by a simple physical inspection. You must check your tyres at least once a month. You can also keep a tyre gauge with you for measuring the tread depth. Bald tyres tend to have deep cracks on the sidewalls. Tyres which are in use for many years develop blisters and bulges on the surface. If you still have doubts, you can always take your car to a technician who can advise you more on changing the tyres.


Why shouldn’t you drive with worn-out tyres?


There are numerous reasons for avoiding worn-out tyres. Driving with worn-out banden Leeuwarden can be catastrophic and the reasons are listed below.


· Potential Blowouts


Continuous driving can lead to the build-up of heat between the tyres and the road. Excessively high temperatures may lead to blowouts. With the treads on your tyres, they remain cool as there’s continuous airflow between the grooves. Bald or worn-out tyres don’t have these grooves to keep you safe.


· Increased risk of hydroplaning


Deep grooves help in channelling away the water and give you a firm grip on the roads. With time, these grooves become shallow and thus become inefficient. But you don’t get this benefit with worn-out tyres.


· Ineffective handling in snow


Snow APK Leeuwarden tyres have wide and deep grooves. Apart from these, snow tyres have sipes too, to bite into the snow. These sipes provide traction in the snow. When the tread wears down, the sipes also get reduced. Such tyres may start skidding once they start balding. If not changed immediately, they can be quite dangerous for you.


· Quick loss of air pressure


Tyres tend to lose air pressure faster when they are worn-out. That’s because worn-out tyres become underinflated by nature. Such tyres lose grip even on dry roads. It becomes difficult to steer the vehicle.


Bald tyres shouldn’t be ignored. You might think that changing tyres is an expensive affair but think of the safety you’d be providing to yourself.

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